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Netflix used this force:


People who invested in Netflix early on collected over a quarter million dollars for every $1,000 they invested.

And then there’s Priceline. Priceline used this mysterious force too:


If you had bought just $1,000 worth of Priceline stock in late 2000… you’d be sitting on more than $286,000, thanks to this force.

Amazon used this force as well:


With Amazon, that same $1,000 invested would be worth $1.1 million!

You might think that stocks like Netflix, Priceline, and Amazon are few and far between.

But they’re NOT as rare as you might think.

All three of these stocks… and many more like them… harnessed what we call the most powerful investing force in the universe.

What is this mysterious force?

We call it disruption.

You see, these companies didn’t just come along and compete with the leaders in their industries. They changed their industries forever.

Netflix wasn’t just another TV network. It changed the way we watch TV.

Priceline wasn’t just another travel agent. It changed the way we book travel.

And Amazon wasn’t just another department store. It changed the way we buy things.

That’s disruption.

As you can see, those companies didn’t compete with others in their industry...

They completely flipped their industries upside down. And rewarded investors handsomely in the process.

As you can see from the lucrative 10,000%+ returns, investing in early stage disruptor stocks is powerful.

Chris Wood

That’s why our Chief Investment Officer, Chris Wood, chose to devote his whole career to finding companies like these early on, before most investors even know they exist.

Companies that disrupt the status quo. And deliver life-changing gains to everyday investors.

That’s why Chris writes our exclusive premium research service, Project 5X.

Project 5X is focused 100% on finding “early stage disruptors” coiled to hand you gets of 500% or better (that’s why it’s called Project 5X).

How does Chris pick these 5X winners? Over his 15-year career as a professional investor, he developed a powerful method called the CHAOS Formula.

The CHAOS formula picks stocks that can climb a minimum of 5X. Often, they’ll soar much, much higher than that.

Like these early stage disruptors did:

Cerner Corp (CERN) +25,022%

Amgen (AMGN) +70,739%

Activision Blizzard (ATVI) +15,872%

Intel (INTC) +20,624%

Applied Materials (AMAT) +56,910%

Oracle (ORCL) +68,889%

Celgene (CELG) +40,476%

Starbucks (SBUX) +18.956%

Illumina (ILMN) +30,488%

A small investment in any of these stocks would have made you rich.

That’s the power of buying early-stage disruptor stocks.

If you’re ready to get started profiting with Chris, here’s what I suggest:

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Project 5X is the world’s only service dedicated to finding tiny disruptor stocks with massive profit potential.

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Again, Chris’s goal with Project 5X is to only pick disruptors that can hand you five times your money, quickly. That’s why we call it Project 5X.

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12 monthly issues of Project 5X

Chris Wood puts his heart and soul into each issue of Project 5X. He spends his days on the hunt for one thing: disruptor stocks that could be the next Netflix, Priceline, or Amazon. He lays out his complete research inside every issue. And he’ll tell you exactly when he thinks you should buy, sell, and hold each pick.

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