An odd and ominous development –The Harvard Law Review

The Amazon Killer

(NOT Walmart, Shopify, or FedEx)

A Supreme Court Ruling has unleashed a new type of internet tollbooth stock set to rip 200% now—and up to 1,000%—as it cripples Amazon's growth.

This is Amazon’s kryptonite... and it’s hands-down the perfect tech stock for the little guy to retire on. In fact, it’s the only stock I own in my daughter’s college fund... Stephen McBride, former fund manager and Forbes world-record holder

Fellow investor,

There are 2,800 stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

I'm trusting only one to put my daughter through college.

Because this Supreme Court ruling I'm holding...

Supreme Court Ruling

... practically guarantees this little tollbooth stock will climb 200%... 300%... 400%... or a lot more.

The Florida Bar calls it The case that changes everything.

Bloomberg calls it The most consequential law... in more than a decade.

Forbes simply says: This is a big deal.

In short, this Supreme Court ruling enforces a new 6.5% toll on internet transactions.

By order of the government, any American company that sells anything online must pay this toll.

And one little tollbooth stock that's just 0.6% the size of Amazon...

Is set up to collect a cut of potentially every online transaction in America.

Every time a guy pays his monthly Netflix bill...

Or books a vacation on Expedia...

Or buys clothes, diapers, or dogfood online...

This one small company gets paid.

As a stockholder, you get paid.

Backed by government order.

This is a highly unusual situation that's ONLY possible now thanks to that Supreme Court decision.

As I'll prove to you, this unique tollbooth stock is a shoo-in to leap 200% quickly... and potentially up to 1,000% overall.

You won't read about this breakthrough anywhere else.

I haven't mentioned it on camera in any recent interviews.

Stephen McBride on stage

Stephen McBride on stage

This is brand new information.

Let me explain why I'm so certain this stock can safely double, triple, or quadruple your money at a minimum, as it disrupts Amazon.

Amazon's Vulnerable Underbelly

As you've no doubt heard before, had you invested in Amazon early on, you'd be financially set for life.

Amazon's stock price shot from $1.35 to over $2,100... turning every $1,000 invested into $1.56 million.

amazon profits

But there's no need to fawn over Amazon's past gains.

Because there's big money to be made now by investing in the NEXT company to disrupt how Americans shop online.

Today, this stock is as small as Amazon was back in the early 1990s.

If you're skeptical that one small company can take down mighty Amazon, I get it.

But this threat even keeps Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos up at night.

Shortly after the Supreme Court handed down that historic ruling, Bezos admitted in a closed-door meeting, according to CNBC:

I predict one day Amazon will fail. Amazon will go bankrupt. -Jeff Bezos
Photo by Seattle City Council / CC BY 2.0 / Background removed

Bezos is the #1 richest man on earth.

What's he so worried about?

I'll explain in a second. First, you're probably wondering why I'd share this valuable analysis here for free.

After all... my insight has been featured in top media outlets like Fox Business, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

Some even pay me $10,000 or more, per article, just for the exclusive right to feature my analysis.

It's simple. As a professional investor with millions of followers, I hear one thing over and over again:

Stephen, help me... I've fallen behind and I'm running out of time.

Today, 78% of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck.

If they've saved any money at all, it's often a tiny amount compared to what they owe on their mortgages, cars, and credit cards.

I hate to say it, but the retirement situation in America is scary and sad.

The median retirement account for folks over the age of 65 has only $58,000... well short of the $1.5 million experts say you need to retire.

Many Americans, through little or no fault of their own, face hard decisions later in life if they don't right the ship now.

I believe everyone deserves a shot at a fun, relaxing retirement.

Even folks who are a little—or a lot—behind now.

And it's never too late when you own the right stock.

I believe the Amazon Killer tollbooth stock will provide the kind of big, safe returns many folks are looking for.

You'll enjoy fast potential growth of 200% or more in the stock price...

While knowing you can count on your money being there for retirement if another financial crisis hits like 11 years ago.

As I said... this is the only stock in my daughter's college fund.

That's Aubrey's (my daughter) money.

I refuse to invest it in anything but a slam dunk opportunity.

Today, you have a short window of opportunity to get in on this stock with us.

In other words, you don't need a risky investment to retire happily.

And you DON'T need to bet on unproven ideas, pot stocks, cryptos, or any other flavor of the day.

Which is why I dropped everything to get you the facts and expose the truth

See, Amazon is famous for selling at rock-bottom prices no one else can match.

But most folks don't know how Amazon pulls this off.

In short, it exploited a shockingly unfair tax loophole...

A loophole you can now profit from too, but not in the way you might expect...

See, Amazon's core business is selling stuff online. And online shopping is, by far, the most lucrative and unstoppable trend on earth.

Online shopping hit $3.5 trillion in 2019, and it's projected to surpass $4 trillion in 2020.

By 2023, experts project online shopping to reach at least $6.5 trillion.

That's larger than the GDP of every country except the US and China!

online shopping

Online shopping dwarfs marijuana stocks, cryptocurrencies, IPOs, and any other hot trend you can think of... combined. Not even 5G can challenge it.

And the growth in online shopping is UNSTOPPABLE.

In 2001, when dot-com stocks melted down up to 81%, online shopping GREW $7 billion.

In 2007–2009, when the financial system almost collapsed and the S&P 500 plunged 55%... online shopping GREW $9 billion.

And when the coronavirus ravaged the stock market in 2020, the number of folks buying essential items online shot through the roof.

In fact, online shopping has grown every year since 2000!

us online sales

Can you name another investment trend that sailed through the dot-com bubble...

And the 2008 crisis...

AND the coronavirus meltdown?

There's no safer bet than online shopping will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Now here's the key:

The Amazon Killer owns a unique tollbooth position in online commerce.

In short, because of special government partnerships, it enjoys a privileged position as the internet's tollbooth.

It's the only stock that can collect a small toll payment on every online transaction in America.

That's trillions of potential transactions...

And when you own this stock, you own the toll.

You profit from every internet transaction.

As I said... this is a highly unusual situation.

I've never seen a government grant special tollbooth status to one company before.

But as I'll show you, thanks to that Supreme Court ruling, it had no choice.

Which is why the Amazon Killer is, by far, the #1 stock to own if you need big AND safe returns.

Look, Americans will keep spending TRILLIONS online no matter what happens with the stock market and economy.

For proof, just look at how Amazon fared through the 2008 financial crisis.

That was a tough time for many Americans.

But Amazon stock actually went up.

From $26.32 a share in mid-2006... it climbed to $78.44 a share in March 2009.

amazon during 2007-9 crisis

Had you owned Amazon heading into 2007, your position would have never shown a loss.

While others watched in horror as their retirements went down the drain...

You were in the green the whole time.

Can you imagine how it feels to see markets melting down... with folks panicking and every talking head on TV looking like a deer in the headlights... and you look at your portfolio and you're UP tens of thousands of dollars?

I believe the Amazon Killer tollbooth stock can do that for you.

So let me show you how...

Amazon's Worst Nightmare Is Coming True

Have you heard of Shopify (SHOP)?

It helps smaller mom and pop businesses run their own online stores.

In other words, it helps main street businesses level the playing field with Amazon.

Business is booming. Over 1 million shopping websites run on Shopify. Its stock has pulled a 10-bagger in about three years...

shopify profits

... and shot up 3,683% overall.

Had you put in $7,500... you'd be sitting on $283,760 today.

That's more than enough to put a kid through even the best Ivy League College.

Then there's Etsy (ETSY), which owns an online marketplace focused on selling homemade goods.

Etsy achieved 10-bagger status in 3 years...

etsy profits

... turning every $10,000 into $114,418.

Maybe you've heard of 1-800-Flowers (FLWS), which sells flowers online.

Its stock leapt 2,292%... good enough for a 20-bagger.

1800flowers profits

$10k grew to $239,213... almost a quarter-million bucks!

An extra quarter million would make a real difference in anyone's life.

Folks behind on their retirement could breathe easier.

Maybe you'd pay off your mortgage, so you'd never have to send the bank a dime ever again.

Then there's WIX, a tech company that helps small businesses build shopping websites.

wix profits

WIX isn't quite a 10-bagger yet.

It's gained just 952%.

I could go on and on with examples...

But I think you see 10X returns are pretty common in booming online shopping stocks.

If you're looking for a realistic shot to 10X your money fast, there's probably not a better area to invest.

It's easy to build a big nest egg when you own the right stocks.

And keep in mind, even though thousands of ordinary investors got rich in the online shopping stocks I just listed...

Online shopping has barely scratched the surface of its potential.

Online shopping is less than one-fifth the size of in store shopping, as you can see here:

in-store vs online sales

So those 155,456% gains on Amazon...

And all those 10-baggers I showed you...

Got rich on that little 16% sliver on the chart!

Can you imagine how easy it'll be
to bag 1,000% profits...

... as online shopping really gets going?

You don't have to imagine. Because I'll show you how to buy the Amazon Killer tollbooth stock that's the #1 bet to soar as it disrupts online shopping.

It's the only stock set up to collect a toll payment on potentially every online transaction in America.

In a second I'll show you all the proof... and I'll tell you exactly how to invest in this stock. Which, as I mentioned, is the only stock I'm trusting to put my daughter through college.

First, let me explain how I know this...

My name is Stephen McBride.

I'm originally from Ireland. But you may recognize me from popular American financial television.

That's me on the right:

server room

I've always been intensely interested in the markets.

I worked at a billion-dollar financial institution in New Zealand. And I pretty much hated every minute of it.

Corporate life is just not for me. So I quit the rat race.

Today, I come and go as I please. I split my time between the US and Ireland.

Stephen McBride at the American Disruption Summit

Stephen presenting at summit filmed at Columbia University

Thanks to the internet, I don't need to work for some big Wall Street conglomerate that makes millionaires and billionaires richer.

Instead, I help everyday investors achieve their retirement dreams.

I'm beholden to no one. I'm an independent analyst.

Which means all I care about is doing great investment research and passing that research along to my readers.

Speaking of readers, I mentioned earlier that my research is regularly featured in Forbes. And that millions of people read my work there.

Another 50,000+ independent-minded investors read my research reports every week.

People like Victor V., who said...

“Your picks such as TTD, MCHP, and QCOM, to name a few, have all given me amazing returns.” —Victor V.

And Ron A., who said...

“Stephen—nice call on Disney stock. Made me some $$$ because I listened to you. Thanks!” —Ron A.

And Lelex A., who said...

“Your weekly emails are pure gold!” —Lelex A.

And Carson R., who told me...

“I've been a subscriber for a few months now and I wanted to say thank you! I appreciate you putting your money where your mouth is.” —Carson R.

Or the semi-retired, 62-year-old life insurance agent,‘Pablito’, who said...

“I find the research fascinating and believe it to be the only way to invest going forward.” —‘Pablito’

Or even Bill M., who simply said...

“I've already made money on your most recent recommendations.” —Bill M.

And Angelica S., who wrote:

“Stephen... I have finally found the right person to help me build a retirement fund.” —Angelica S.

Nice comments like these keep me researching and sharing.

And research is pretty much all I do.

That's how I discovered this tollbooth company I've been telling you about—the one my research shows will jump 200% quickly... and up to 1,000% overall.

Imagine turning $10K into a surefire $30K in these uncertain markets.

Imagine if your retirement accounts were to triple in value. Would it change where and when you'll retire?

I bet it would make a BIG difference in what your financial future might look like.

The truth, as you'll see in a moment, is there's one type of investment that trumps all others.

Especially if you're not into options, penny stocks, or other risky bets.

Before I tell you the one investing strategy that trumps all others, I need to explain...

Why Some Investors Get Left Behind

I know a lot of investors who've felt that way over the years.

They missed the massive profits available in stocks like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

In fact, as you'll see in a moment, plenty of other stocks produced even bigger profits than those.

Most investors missed those life-changing returns too.

For the most part, people missed out on those profits because they didn't understand the companies.

Years ago, who could tell how much Google, Facebook, and Netflix would change our daily lives?

You see, these companies share a common thread.

And that's disruption.

The business models of 35% of S&P companies are under active attack. Disruption of these companies and their business models is happening at a faster pace than we’ve ever seen. This is one of the biggest risks (and opportunities) facing investors today… – Furey Research Partners The business models of 35% of S&P companies are under active attack. Disruption of these companies and their business models is happening at a faster pace than we’ve ever seen. This is one of the biggest risks (and opportunities) facing investors today… – Furey Research Partners

Some companies come along and upset—or disrupt—entire industries.

Take (BKNG). Priceline was first to disrupt the travel industry by offering online travel booking.

Before Priceline, everyone used travel agents. Now, just about everyone books online.

The travel agent is an endangered species.

Disruption is a powerful force.

That's why early Priceline investors collected gains of 27,557%.

An early investment in Priceline of just $1,000 would be worth $275,569 dollars today.


Then there's Align Technology (ALGN).

Align disrupted orthodontics.

Kids used to need painful metal braces to straighten their teeth.

Align developed a plastic Invisalign option that looked and felt better.

The stock shot from $9.15 to above $390... handing out profits of more than 4,300%.

A simple $5,000 investment grew to $218,115.


Then there's Adobe Inc. (ADBE).

Adobe disrupted the document industry.

It made it easy to share documents across different computers.

Investors who got in early on this disruptor would earn a 130,376% profit.


That turns $800 into $1.04 million.

That's the power of disruptor stocks like Priceline, Align, and Adobe.

American Disruption Summit

Stephen McBride as seen on the American Disruption Summit

Getting in early on a disruptor stock can transform your finances.

Even a small initial investment can grow to $100,000 or more.

Of course, I can't guarantee the Amazon Killer stock will hand you those types of gains...

But it has happened in many disruptor stocks before.

And keep in mind, the Amazon Killer is disrupting the most lucrative sector on earth: online shopping.

It could easily hand investors a quick 10-bagger just like online shopping disruptors Shopify, Etsy, and 1-800-Flowers did.

The proof is in that Supreme Court ruling I showed you earlier, which exposes...

The Controversial Loophole
Amazon Exploited to Get Filthy Rich

Most folks don't know this, but Amazon owes a lot of its success to an obscure tax ruling from 1992 called Quill.

Quill forbade governments from taxing online transactions in most cases.

Keep in mind, these were the early days of the internet. Amazon didn't exist yet. Lawmakers were clueless about the coming explosion in online shopping.

But Amazon exploited this outdated ruling to pay ZERO sales taxes!

Forbes called it an unbelievably unfair tax advantage.

Now, I'm no fan of high taxes.

But let's agree everyone should play by the same rules.

If mom-and-pop shops must hand over their hard-earned money to the government...

Shouldn't mighty Amazon?

But as Fortune reported, Amazon enjoyed 15 years without collecting a penny of sales tax.

Then the Supreme Court handed down the decision that changed everything...

That Supreme Court ruling I showed you earlier is called South Dakota vs. Wayfair.

Tax experts call it the case of the millennium.

Because effective immediately...

It closes the internet tax loophole...

And opens a new opportunity to make quick 200% gains... and overall gains of 1,000% or more... in the Amazon Killer tollbooth stock.

Now, I don't mean to bore you with tax talk. But this is crucial information...

Before the internet, sales tax was simple. You buy a $3 coffee. The register automatically adds tax and rings you up at $3.25, and that's that.

Online sales are different. There's no cash register. No face to face interaction.

Everything takes place in the digital world.

Which means a whole new system is needed to collect these new internet taxes.

All the 43 states in blue now impose internet taxes...

nexus taxes

In short, authorities have effectively hired the Amazon Killer to create and run this new nationwide system.

Using its unique, patent-protected technology, it's created a new internet tollbooth that all online transactions can pass through.

With the blessing of US tax authorities, 10 billion transactions already pass through its tollbooth.

It gets paid a small cut for each one.

And it's adding millions more transactions a day!

Which is why the Amazon Killer's revenue growth has accelerated for six straight quarters...

While Amazon's growth has slowed dramatically:

amazon killer

Remember all those online shopping disruptor stocks I showed you earlier?

The ones competing with Amazon that handed out 1,000% profits within a few years?


shopify profits


etsy profits


wix profits

They ALL use the Amazon Killer's tollbooth.

So do hundreds of big businesses like The New York Times, Pinterest, Converse, 3M, Adidas, and Reebok.

In fact, even Amazon has an agreement in place with the Amazon Killer!


As they say—nothing's certain but death and taxes.

No matter how you feel about taxes, they're not optional. You pay your taxes, or you go to jail.

That's the real genius behind the Amazon Killer's business model.

It gets paid when the government gets paid.

And the government always gets paid.

Which is why I'm so sure the Amazon Killer stock can hand you 200% profits now... and up to 1,000% overall.

In short, it has the only artificial intelligence-powered gateway for online commerce.

Billions of transactions pass through its special tollbooth software. Within milliseconds, the AI combs through over 16 million lines of code to apply and collect the right taxes.

Keep in mind, there are 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the US.

In the old days, a business simply paid the taxes based on the town where it was located.

But online businesses are different because they sell everywhere.

So thanks to that new Supreme Court ruling—online businesses suddenly have to comply with the tax codes of every small town in America!

Which is practically impossible without the Amazon Killer's proprietary technology.

For example, its AI knows to tax a Netflix subscription 6% in Iowa... 6.4% in Connecticut... and 0% in Montana.

It knows a pair of regular gloves sold in Pennsylvania is considered tax-free clothing. But skiing gloves are considered recreational equipment, so they're taxed.

Online sellers must now comply with literally MILLIONS of these often ridiculous laws.

But no matter how ridiculous the laws may be, you can't do business without paying your taxes.

In other words...

The government always gets its cut.
And so does the Amazon Killer.

Some governments even PAY companies to use the Amazon Killer's tollbooth!

And the Amazon Killer keeps a small cut of every transaction that runs through its tollbooth.

There's simply no other business like it.

I believe there are only two reasons why this stock is undiscovered by 99% of investors.

One, taxes are boring. Most folks won't put in the time to understand what's really going on here.

That's why I've done the hard analysis for you. All you need to do is buy the stock. I'll show you how in just a second.

Two, the Amazon Killer is a new stock.

It went public just days before the Supreme Court ruling.

So it's still under the radar.

But several legendary investors are quietly buying up shares...

Renaissance Technologies, known as one of the most secretive and successful hedge funds on earth, loaded up on 2.5 million shares.

BlackRock, the world's richest money manager, now owns 3.3 million shares.

And Vanguard bought a whopping 5.7 million shares.

They know what you now know...

The Amazon Killer is the ONLY stock set up to take a cut of every online shopping transaction in America.

You take the 100% certainty that online shopping will continue to grow fast...

And combine it with the 100% certainty that taxes must be paid...

And you've got a stock that's both safe AND all but guaranteed to grow fast.

Even the most conservative scenario shows big gains are coming.

In 2019, internet retail sales in the US totaled $602 billion.

The average sales tax rate in the US is 6.5%.

That works out to $39 billion... which is five times the Amazon Killer's current size!

That calculation doesn't even count the hundreds of billions spent on non-retail services like Netflix or Spotify.

That's why I've seized this rare opportunity to back up the truck on this stock for my daughter while it's still unknown...

Like Amazon was in 1998 when it traded for just $6 a share.

And you've got the opportunity to buy into the Amazon Killer today at a price that ensures 200% to 1,000% profits are on the table.

Now's the time to act. With the coronavirus throwing online shopping into hyperdrive, the cat will be out of the bag soon.

So let me tell you...

How to piggyback the tax man to collect guaranteed payments from internet businesses

Today, I'd like to share how you can get in on the Amazon Killer tollbooth stock.

I want to give you all of my research so you can decide for yourself if it's as great a disruptor investment as my research shows.

That's why I want to give you...

This FREE special report called Amazon's Kryptonite: Collect up to 1,000% Profits on the Internet's New Tollbooth.

Inside this report, you'll see all my research that shows why 200% gains are actually very conservative.

I'll send you that report, absolutely free, when you to take me up on a risk-free, 30-day test drive of my stock research advisory, Disruption Investor.

Disruption Investor is our flagship research service that's focused 100% on disruptors.

When I say our, I'm talking about RiskHedge—the financial research firm that I partner with.

As far as I know, RiskHedge is the only company in the world that's 100% focused on disruption.

The idea behind Disruption Investor is to find disruptive stocks that will change the world. Ones like Priceline, Netflix, Adobe, Amazon, Shopify, and Align.

Readers of Disruption Investor will never feel left behind by companies they don't quite understand.

That's because my team at RiskHedge and I are 100% focused on finding profitable disruptors and bringing that research directly to you.

That way, you can decide for yourself if you want to follow our lead and invest.

In a moment, I'm going to show you how a small group of my readers profited from 3 different picks, each of which made double-digit gains in just a few months!

One RiskHedge reader, Ken H. from Iowa, shared the following...

“On 3/8/2019 I reread your article and it made sense. I bought that day at $5.18. When I opened my brokerage account this afternoon it was $7.45! 43% in just 3 days.” —Ken H.

My top Disruption Investor pick, hands down, is this tollbooth company I've been telling you about. The one that should gain 200% or better, quickly.

You'll find the stock name and ticker inside your free report, Amazon's Kryptonite: Collect up to 1,000% Profits on the Internet's New Tollbooth.

Then, as I uncover more disruptors, at least one a month, I add them to the portfolio.

The idea behind these disruptors is to hold them long term to build lasting wealth.

But in the unlikely event something happens and we need to sell a stock and lock in our gains, I'll alert you right away.

Generally, though, the only time you'll sell these disruptors is when you want to move to cash for personal reasons...

Maybe to buy that new car you've always wanted. Or maybe that dream vacation.

Or maybe to help out a friend, family member, or charity.

Once we find a true disruptor, we're usually in it for the long haul.

What Kind of Disruptors
Are We Looking for?

I want to be clear about one thing. I only recommend specific kinds of stocks inside Disruption Investor.

We're looking for established companies. Not start-ups.

Generally, I'll only recommend companies that have a market cap of $5 billion or more.


Because, while we're after big gains like 200%, 300%, or even 1,000%, we want to do it safely.

But just because these are established companies doesn't mean huge, fast gains are out of the picture.

For instance, I told my readers about Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) early on.

Xilinx is a pioneer in 5G.

If you're like most investors, you've heard of 5G. But you might not understand how huge it really is.

5G is basically wireless phone technology.

5G is so fast that it will make remote surgery possible... It will make self-driving cars a daily reality on the roads... and it will make hologram-style video a reality too.

In short, 5G is...

The Biggest Disruptor Since the Internet

5G will disrupt just about everything.

Companies are laying the infrastructure for 5G as we speak.

But it doesn't just run on traditional cell phone towers.

Instead, it runs on special, smaller towers like these...


How these boxes are making investors in this disruptor rich. Screenshot courtesy of Sprint.

How these boxes are making investors in this disruptor rich. Screenshot courtesy of Sprint.

You're going to see these popping up all over the place.

They will help 5G spread everywhere.

As I said, these are already being installed in cities all across America.

And Xilinx is the company that makes the brains for these small cells. They create the chips that go inside.

As I said, I advised my readers on December 6, 2018 to get in...


Those who followed my lead collected a 52% profit in less than 4 months.

So, if you ever hear somebody say large stocks are too big to grow fast, don't listen.

Xilinx is a $32 billion company. And it still grew 52% in under 4 months!

Then, just 2 weeks later, I recommended Alteryx, Inc. (AYX). Alteryx is a $5 billion data analyzer.

Alteryx is disrupting the data industry. Instead of just collecting data, it's analyzing it and even refining it.

Using new technologies, it's helping companies like Southwest Airlines turn more customers into frequent fliers.

And it's paying off...


Investors who followed my lead saw a 198.4% gain in just over a year.

Let's say you invested $10,000 into Alteryx when I made the call.

You'd have earned about $340 a week on your money. More than most part-time jobs pay.

Finally, there's The Trade Desk Inc. (TTD).

I first recommended The Trade Desk to my readers on June 29, 2018.

This company is disrupting the online advertising space. And it's eating Google and Facebook's lunch.


That's how it made 252% in just a year and a half!

And just like Xilinx and Alteryx, The Trade Desk is no penny stock. It's an $8.8 billion company.

So, when you invest in disruptors, safe, big, fast gains are possible.

Speaking of safety...

As I mentioned, I'm going to send you your free report, Amazon's Kryptonite, when you take me up on a 30-day, risk-free test drive of Disruption Investor.

Here's How Your Test Drive Works

Disruption Investor usually sells for $199 per year. And it's a bargain at that.

After all, just one pick like this Amazon Killer tollbooth company could easily be worth 10s of thousands of dollars to you.

That small investment gets you a full 12 months of disruptive investing research.

And even though I'm giving you the opportunity to try it out risk-free, I want to give you more...

Free Report #1

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Millennials are now the largest generation on earth.

Last year 75 million Millennials surpassed Baby Boomers for the first time.

But while that’s interesting, that alone doesn’t really help us profit from it.

Unless you also take into account that Millennials are about to become the richest generation on earth.

Today’s Millennials are about to inherit a whopping $68 trillion in wealth from their Baby Boomer parents.

In fact, Millennials will inherit a mind-boggling $24 trillion alone in 2021 according to a recent UBS report.

And they aren’t squirrelling away those trillions under the mattress waiting for a rainy day.

Instead, Millennials are entering the stock market in droves. And they’re investing in dozens of disruptive companies leading the market.

In short: my research shows we’ve just crossed the “Rubicon”...

Millennials are now the largest disruptive force on the planet. They are not only able to disrupt a single stock like they did with Game Stop earlier this year... They have the size, the power and the money to disrupt entire markets. Economies. The world.

Today you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to position yourself ahead of this massive Millennial market takeover and ride it for 10X gains as these stocks go vertical.

In my special report, Three Disruptive Stocks for the Great Millennial Melt Up, I’ll share my top 3 Millennial Melt Up stocks to capitalize off this megatrend.

I'd also like to send you another FREE gift...

Free Report #2

Dr. "App":

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In other words, computer vision is the bedrock on which tomorrow’s most exciting technologies will be built.

One tiny stock is the key. And it’s using computer vision to turn the massive healthcare market on its head.

Tomorrow, this stock's spectacular surge could be the on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. CNBC and Fox Business could be buzzing about this breakthrough eye-tracking technology that is set to redefine and disrupt healthcare forever... and perhaps make early investors 1,000% richer or more.

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John Mauldin Stephen McBride
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P.S. As you can see from my research, this company stands a great chance of handing out 200% profits or better within one year. That's why I'm excited to share the name and ticker symbol with you today.