“Biggest secret in venture capital”—Billionaire PayPal
Founder Peter Thiel

Have you heard of

While most folks get left behind...

Credit Suisse confirms this mysterious force has turned
5.2 million people into millionaires.

Here’s how to use it to become one of them...

Dear Reader,

What would your life look like had you invested in the most popular stocks over the last decade?

I’m talking about Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

Collectively, the so-called FAANG stocks soared 6,012% since 2010.

Just $1,000 put into each would’ve made you more than a quarter million dollars...

$300,600 to be exact.

That’s more than twice what most Americans saved for retirement... all thanks to five “simple” stock picks.

However, as an investor with a background in a billion-dollar financial institution, I have to be completely honest with you...

Your chances of picking stocks that could generate such returns are close to zero.

I hate to be so blunt...

But you’re more likely to lose money than find another FAANG.

As J.P. Morgan recently warned its wealthy clients...

Almost half of stocks suffered a “catastrophic loss” during the last four decades. They declined 70% in price and NEVER recovered.

Another 16% of stocks produced returns lower than the overall market.

You’d be better off holding cash than buying many stocks on the market.

The fact is, the odds are stacked against you... and it’s NOT your fault.

Because everything they tell you about finding the next mega-winner is almost 100% wrong.

In fact, the secret to discovering a 10-bagger is to ignore what Wall Street touts and herds of investors routinely crowd into.

You should forget IPOs...

Stop worrying about finding the latest up-and-coming technology...

And avoid rolling the dice with little-known small companies...

I know it sounds crazy...

But in the next few minutes, I’ll show you a little known investing approach that billionaire investor Peter Thiel calls, “the biggest secret in venture capital.

This unconventional approach helped me bank peak returns of 957% on ad industry disruptor Trade Desk...


1,354% on Intellia Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company...


And 1,746% on Plug Power, a hydrogen fuel cell maker.


Had you put $5,000 into each of these plays, you’d be $149,600 richer today.

I discovered these three- and four-digit winners by completely disregarding what so-called investment experts look out for.

Trade Desk, Intellia, and Plug Power soared cumulatively by 4,057%...

By normal standards, these stocks don’t look like they could’ve made you more than 10X your money.

But they all have one very powerful thing in common that I want to share with you today.

You see, these stocks adhere to a mathematical principle most regular investors don’t know exists.

This principle explains why just two teams, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, have won nearly half of all the championships in NBA history...

Why even more wealth flows to the already rich 1%...

And why only a small fraction of all stocks generates almost all of the stock market’s returns.

A recent study by the Tokyo Keizai University found this little-known principle drove the returns of 5,000 stocks analyzed...

It proved that a tiny number of shares outperforms the majority.

Study Headline

Once I show you how this principle works, you’ll see that you can forget about 97% of stocks on the market...

And make more money safely by focusing on just 3%.

If you want to find the next megawinners, you must look for stocks that adhere to this principle.

That’s why I urge you to give me a few minutes to show you what this is all about.

You see, this isn’t one of those situations where you can take your time...

Because my research shows that a rare event in the markets will supercharge this class of stocks in the months to come.

I’m talking about a unique economic force that minted more than five million millionaires in 2020.

And today, you have the chance to follow in their footsteps.

However, of the almost 3,000 stocks listed on the NYSE...

Only about 95 of them belong to this special class of stocks poised to soar.

Right now, out of these 95 stocks, less than 20 pass my strict “buy” criteria.

That’s why it’s almost certain you’re missing out on them.

Just like you probably missed out on the 6,012% FAANG gains.

Those are the kind of opportunities that can change your entire financial life and outlook on retirement.

Now to be clear, I’m not talking about investing in a particular technology or even industry...

Because this principle is universal... it occurs in all kinds of markets and across all industries.

Most folks don’t understand how to spot stocks that follow it.

But I’ve compiled a selection of these unique stocks that altogether posted total sum gains of 1,000%+ since mid-2019.

They have delivered an average gain of 59.13% as I write this.

To put that into perspective...

The S&P 500 returned 10.7% on average in the past three decades.

In other words...

These select stocks did 382% better than the average annual return of the S&P 500!

So let me show you the most powerful investment secret I discovered... and how the markets are going to supercharge this class of stocks soon.

This is the first time I’m revealing this. And as far as I know, no one else has made anything like this public.

I’ll also show you...

  • Exactly why this mathematical principle helps some stocks outperform the market by 382% like my recent picks did...

  • How and where to find them...

  • Why they’re so extraordinary, especially in the next 12 months.

You can immediately begin using this strategy yourself, if you choose.

And you don’t need to risk money on the latest hype stock, not knowing if it’s overpriced.

Or turn to dangerous strategies like gambling on penny stocks or options.

We avoid all that high-risk nonsense...

Remember, we pocketed peak gains of 957% on Trade Desk... 1,354% on Intellia Therapeutics... and 1,746% on Plug Power.

Not to mention 280% on Invitae... 256% on Okta... and 656% on Vivint Solar.

Most analysts will claim these kinds of gains are only possible when you take big risks.

But that’s another lie they tell you.

Because we made all this money by ignoring speculative, high-risk start-ups.

Safety is the name of the game.

We position ourselves for some of the biggest potential gains in the entire stock market.

With established but little-known US stocks you can buy today.

Stocks that have the potential to change you and your family’s lives for generations.

In just a few words, without confusing jargon, I’m going to explain the powerful secret behind these stocks.

It’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

But before I continue, please let me introduce myself.

My Most Powerful Investment
Secret Revealed...

My name is Stephen McBride. I’m chief analyst at RiskHedge, a premier research firm uncovering the powerful disruptive trends that are about to be unleashed on the world.

Maybe you’ve read my work on Forbes where millions of investors have read my columns. Or perhaps you’ve seen me on CNBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Newsmax, or another major news outlet.

I’ve gained a reputation as the world’s foremost expert on investing to profit from major disruptions.

That’s why I frequently get invited to talk at some of the world’s most important investment events.

I’ve presented at an artificial intelligence conference along with billionaire investor and CEO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood...

I was featured at an investing forum broadcast from Columbia University in New York City...

And recently I was on stage at one of the world's most prestigious conferences, the Strategic Investment Conference. Attendees include billionaires, celebrities, and even a former US President.

Stephen McBride on stage at SIC 2019

I’ve had financial organizations pay me $10,000, $15,000, and more—per article—for rights to use my work.

I’m not telling you any of this to brag. I just want you to take what I’m about to tell you seriously...

Because it could change your life.

If history is any judge, you could make at least 10 times your money...

And earn more cash than most Americans have saved for retirement. All with just a handful of simple trades.

Like I said, before I joined RiskHedge I used to work for a billion-dollar financial institution.

That’s where I discovered the powerful secret behind the world’s most lucrative stocks making the rich even richer.

And it all starts with a simple chart...

The Most Important Law
in the World

This chart proves that you need to focus only on a tiny fraction of all the stocks on the market in order to achieve outstanding gains.

Because just a small fraction of companies earns exponentially higher returns than all the other companies.

As you can see, about 20% of all companies are responsible for 80% of all the investment returns...


And just the top 3% generate returns that dramatically outsize the gains of all other companies put together.


This phenomenon is known as the Power Law. And amazingly, it’s not limited to the stock market.

As billionaire investor Peter Thiel puts it, “we don’t live in a normal world—we live under a power law.”

Peter Thiel: “We Don’t Live In A Normal World; We Live Under A Power Law.”

The Power Law can be observed in all kinds of fields...

I already told you it describes why just two teams have won nearly half of all the championships in NBA history...

It also explains why just a handful of book authors are constantly on the best-seller lists and earn millions... while almost all other writers struggle to make a living...

Or why 92.5% of the search engine market is dominated by Google... even though there were 140 competitors out there at one point.

The mathematical principle behind the Power Law was discovered by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in the late 1800s.

He noticed that a tiny number of pea pods in his garden produced the majority of the peas.

This got him wondering... what if this unequal distribution was present in other areas of life as well?

So he began his research, and discovered that about 80% of the land in Italy was owned by just 20% of the people...

That approximately 30% of the population in Great Britain earned about 70% of the total income...

And that 80% of production typically came from just 20% of the companies.

It might seem strange that the Power Law works so predictably in so many areas.

But once you understand what’s behind it, you’ll have an invaluable edge that can guide you to the next 10-bagger.

And this mystery is in fact easy to explain.

The Real Reason for Google’s
Incredible 4,588% Rise

Companies, sports teams, and writers who understand the Power Law all do one thing extraordinarily well...

They take one specific advantage they have and make it bigger over time.

By amplifying one advantage over and over, they eventually outcompete everyone.

Take Google. In the early 2000s, Google developed the most efficient way of searching the ginternet.

Competitors like Yahoo used a very crude technology back then. They simply returned results based on how often a search term appeared on a webpage.

What Google did was entirely different. They determined a website’s relevance by looking at the number of pages that linked back to a site.

This made Google’s service far better. As a result, lots of people wanted to use Google’s search engine.

The more people that used Google, the more revenue Google made.

As Google made more money, they could invest in better technology, pay higher salaries, hire better people, and develop even better services.

Constantly improving its already superior technology put Google miles ahead of its competitors.

By the time other company’s technology caught up, customers wouldn’t even bother trying a different search engine. Soon, Google dominated the industry...

Making early investors 4,588% their money.


Enough to turn every $5,000 into $234,400.

The Power Law works the same in the world of sports...

Teams with an advantage—like having a particularly strong player, like Michael Jordan or LeBron James—win championships.

As a result, they make more money from ticket sales, merchandise, and advertising which allows them to buy additional strong players.

That’s when the Power Law starts to unfold...

Because now they can win even more championships... have even more money to build an all-star roster... and quickly become unbeatable to the other teams.

Or take best-selling authors...

An author hitting the best-seller list for a single time gives him an initial advantage...

Because the publisher will put more resources and marketing behind their next book... which makes it easier to hit the best-seller list for a second and a third time.

That’s how a handful of authors become millionaires, while the majority of writers struggle to sell just a few thousand copies.

As you can see, this mechanism quickly creates a wave of sustainable success. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re looking at technology, sports, or books.

The Power Law is universally applicable.

And it has an important consequence for investors...

Because it means you should IGNORE the vast majority of all possible stocks you could buy on the market...

And only focus on a small number of selected companies...

The ones who are in the position to outcompete everyone else according to the Power Law.

These companies have the potential to dominate an entire industry... and make you 10X your money.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how I spot them...

It’s easier than you might think once you know how.

But first, it’s important you understand why it’s vital to get in on the strongest Power Law stocks right now.

This is an urgent situation.

Because a unique force in the market is set to supercharge the Power Law and make this class of stocks surge to new heights.

Just like in 2020, when more than five million people walked away as millionaires.

This could generate gains like Google’s 4,588%...


Amazon’s 26,608%...


Or Netflix’s incredible 45,419%.


Had you put just $2,000 into each of these companies early on, you’d be a millionaire today...

With $1,538,300 of cold hard cash sitting in your bank account.

Imagine what your life would look like with that kind of money in your nest egg.

Let me show you what this is all about...

Get Ready for a
“There Is No Alternative” Market

The unique force in the market we’ve been talking about is called “Stockflation.”

According to the Washington Post, Stockflation has “set off a multitrillion-dollar run-up in markets.”

And thanks to the Power Law, it could send select individual stocks to 300%... 500%... or even 1,000% surges in the months ahead.

You don’t need to be a professional investor like myself to understand how this is going to unfold.

You see, right now, there’s too much money sloshing around in the financial system.

The Fed’s balance sheet recently surpassed $8 TRILLION for the first time in history, and it’s likely to keep growing.

History has proven that too much money printing leads to one thing—inflation.

The more money is pumped into the system, the more prices soar.

But here’s the kicker...

Not all inflation is equal.

Who do you think gets their hands on all this fresh money first?

It’s the big players of course... the rich and well-connected.

Because the Fed injects this money into the system through the big banks...

They can borrow at almost 0% interest rates and invest it in physical and financial assets.

Eventually that money will get to the average American...

But in the meantime, before that money fully circulates...

The wealthy have used their easy access to cash to buy up land... real estate... and of course stocks... driving prices higher and higher.

That’s why the financial centers... New York, London, Tokyo, Zurich... are the most expensive places in the world.

And it’s why stocks kept skyrocketing even when COVID-19 ground the economy to a halt.

Stockflation is simply when a money surge makes stocks soar to historic highs.

Take a look at how the money supply has affected stocks since 1990...


The amount of money has increased by 2,320% since then.

And stocks soared along with this flood of cash... they’ve gone up 2,450%.

Of course, not all stocks benefited equally from this gush of money.

Just consider mega caps like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google...

They left average S&P 500 companies in the dust.


This massive performance gap is the reason I urge you to focus only on Power Law stocks... those undiscovered gems with the potential to become tomorrow’s mega caps.

Like I said, I’ll show you how to find them in a moment.

Because as the government keeps pumping money into the economy, stocks are the only realistic option left to significantly grow your wealth.

That’s why asset management company J. Zechner Associates calls this a, “There is no alternative” market...

The government has destroyed any alternatives to stocks...

The average savings account now pays 0.06% interest.

It takes 1,200 years to double your money at that rate.

Or take a 10-year US Treasury... it pays just 1.3%.

That’s slightly better, but you’d still have to wait 55 years to double your money.

And that doesn’t even account for inflation.

Can you see why we’re in a “there is no alternative” market?

Stockflation Minted Five Million New
Millionaires in 2020... Will You be Next?

The historic amount of excess cash the Fed is pumping into the economy and the markets helped more than five million people become millionaires in 2020, according to Credit Suisse.

And it’s about to supercharge the Power Law again in the months ahead.

Now, you might be thinking, “There’s no way stocks could go up much more from here...”

But this couldn’t be further from the truth according to my research.

In fact, staying in cash could be the costliest choice you can make today.

Because what we’ve witnessed so far was just the beginning...

As Bloomberg puts it, “[The markets are] drowning in cash.

Banks have an estimated $6.7 trillion of surplus liquidity...

In other words, they’re sitting on almost $7 trillion of cash and don’t know what to do with it.

And according to Goldman Sachs, wealthy households and corporations have $5.5 trillion sitting idle.

Altogether, we’re looking at a $12.2 trillion ice cube that’s melting because of inflation.

And with nowhere else for that money to go...

Stocks are destined to go up much further.

Barron’s reports, “Stockflation seems likely. The promise of very low interest rates for years to come helps explain the appeal of stocks, even at elevated valuations.”

Investment firm QA Wealth Management says, “Interest rates remaining low across the globe... may result in further demand for... equities.”

And asset management company J. Zechner Associates is sure, “We are certainly getting lots of stockflation.

But again, most stocks won’t be winners. It’ll be the exact opposite... most stocks will be duds.

Remember, the Power Law dictates that only a small group of stocks have the potential to multiply your money many times over.

Almost half of stocks suffered a “catastrophic loss” during the last four decades according to J.P. Morgan.

Just a fraction turned out to be megawinners.

The same pattern can be seen in the S&P 500 today...

The top 1% of stocks have a market capitalization equal to the bottom majority of all “go nowhere” stocks.


So if you want to build real, lasting wealth, you have to pick the rare winning stocks that follow the Power Law.

And let me be clear... I’m not talking about today’s mega caps.

As you can imagine, these giants are unlikely to rise by another 1,000% or even 100%.

I’m talking about tomorrow’s 10-baggers... the ones that are still unknown to nine out of 10 investors.

And to find these kinds of stocks I look for three elements.

How I Single Out Potential
Four-Digit Winners

I call these elements the Power of Possibility...

Power of Adoption...

And Power of Misunderstanding.

These three elements work like a filter... one that’s eliminating the vast majority of loser stocks...

Leaving you only with rare potential megawinners... stocks that can generate massive wealth according to the Power Law.

This might be the most important investing secret I’ve ever revealed.

Once you start seeing the market through this filter, you’re ahead of 99% of regular investors out there.

Because when these three elements come together, a company is most likely to outcompete everyone else in its field according to the Power Law...

And to generate three- or even four-digit gains... sometimes within months.

That’s how I spotted companies such as Trade Desk, Intellia Therapeutics, and Plug Power early on...




Let me explain how...

These Three “Power” Elements Produce
Life-Changing Gains

Finding the next 10-bagger starts with the Power of Possibility.

It’s the reason investors in Walmart saw 10,212% gains...


Apple investors made 4,798% their money....


And Tesla skyrocketed by 19,198%.


You see, these massive gains were all kicked-off by quantum leaps in possibility.

Take Walmart... its domination of the retail business would never have happened without the car.

I don’t need to tell you that mass car ownership increased the possibilities for mobility to the extreme.

Because the car wasn’t just a slightly better horse and buggy. It completely changed people’s lives.

And it disrupted retail as well.

Because before every family owned a car, grocery stores usually occupied the center of town. They had to be located where people could access them easily.

But mass car ownership changed it all.

Walmart’s strategy was to open “big box” stores on the outskirts of towns where land and rent were cheaper.

Its sales exploded 27X from 1965 to 1975 as more and more people drove to its stores.

Or take Apple...

The iPhone 3G sold one million units within just three days in 2008... and Apple investors could turn every $5,000 into $244,920 in the years to come.

This massive success would’ve probably never happened had the iPhone not been able to tap into the new 3G network.

This new standard was not just a gradual improvement to its predecessor 2G...

3G was about 31 times faster than 2G.


This opened up a whole new world of possibilities... 3G allowed sharing photos, streaming video, and social media on a phone for the first time.

Everything the iPhone became known for was built on 3G.

Apple became a $2 trillion company by riding an extreme technological possibility that didn’t exist before.

And then there’s Tesla...

Tesla disrupted the whole car industry. It became the most valuable carmaker on the planet in record time.

Tesla's market cap dwarfs automobile giants

But electric vehicles have existed for more than a century.

In fact, Theodore Roosevelt rode an electric automobile through the streets of Connecticut back in 1902.

The reason electric vehicles failed to take off until recently was insufficient battery performance. Electric vehicles had a range of just 60 miles in the 1990s.

However, this all changed with the invention of nano-scale materials in lithium batteries.

I’ll spare you the details behind this breakthrough.

All you need to know is that this technology is so powerful...

If you’d put a modern smartphone battery into a 1995 phone, it could go a year on a single charge.

Tesla’s first Roadster and all their later cars wouldn’t have been possible without this new battery technology.

It’s what made Tesla soar to 19,198% gains.

Enough to turn every $5,000 into almost a million—$964,900 to be exact.

Inventions like the car, 3G, or lithium batteries were revolutionary technological breakthroughs... enabling endless possibilities.

But make no mistake...

Not every breakthrough invention is a great investment opportunity.

Remember the LaserDisc?

This technology made high-definition video and audio possible for the very first time... but it never took off.


Because people wanted to record their favorite TV shows. Something that couldn’t be done with the LaserDisc.

Almost everyone turned to inferior VHS tapes instead because the LaserDisc had limited possibilities.


Or take the Segway... it was considered a technological marvel.

But it was too slow to ride in the streets and too clunky for the sidewalk. People didn’t know what to use it for.

That’s why a great innovation alone is NOT sufficient to ignite the Power of Possibilities and turn a company into a 10-bagger megawinner.

When it comes to finding the next life-changing investment opportunity... one that could make you as much as 34,208% gains like Walmart, Apple, and Tesla combined...

You need to take another critical element into account that complements the Power of Possibility.

I call this element the Power of Adoption.

The Most Explosive Companies Rake in Billions by Focusing on ONE Thing Only

The Power of Adoption explains why Netflix—a prime example of the Power Law—made 45,419% gains...


Why Uber & Lyft crushed taxis and rental cars...


And why Salesforce investors saw astonishing 4,758% returns.


These extraordinary results became possible by tapping into the Power of Possibility with exactly one goal...

To shift human behavior.

These companies made customers adopt new habits... and raked in billions as a result.

It’s easy to understand how they did it.

Netflix tapped into broadband technology to stream HD movies to almost anyone in the world...

And customers’ behavior shifted from going to Blockbuster to rent DVDs... to binge watching House of Cards and Game of Thrones without having to leave their living room.

Thanks to the universal adoption of a new habit, early Netflix investors could turn every $5,000 into an incredible $2,275,950.

Or take Uber and Lyft...

Our parents taught us never to get in a car with strangers. Yet, both companies made it easy for millions to adopt this new behavior.

How did they do it?

By tapping into the popularity of smartphones. It was easy to hail an Uber with a phone app rather than standing in traffic trying to hail a taxi.

Plus, drivers can be rated within seconds on the app, making it easy to build trust into the service.

Shifting behavior is how Uber and Lyft have soared to 72.5% market domination. A typical example of the Power Law.

And then there’s Salesforce...

IT departments across the globe used to buy DVDs to install and update business software on each computer.

But Salesforce introduced a completely different approach.

By tapping into powerful cloud computing technology, they started to offer software subscriptions that simply run in web browsers.

No installations or manual updates are ever needed again.

The new behavior adopted by IT specialists instead? Starting a Salesforce subscription.

That’s how Salesforces investors turned every $5,000 invested into $242,921.

As you can see, the Power of Adoption is one of the three crucial elements to find stocks that have the potential to completely change your financial future.

But here’s the thing...

There are companies across dozens of industries that make billions following this pattern.

Yet, most regular investors know next to nothing about them.

For example...

Do you know how Trade Desk used the Power of Adoption in the advertising industry and soared 957%...

Or how this principle played out in the biotech industry to cause Intellia to go up 1,354%...

Or how the same pattern helped Plug Power to skyrocket to 1,746% gains in the hydrogen sector?

Probably not, because it’s extremely hard for regular investors to identify winners in these specialized niches.

That’s why I’ve prepared something extremely exciting for you just for reading this presentation today...

Something that lets you in on three of the potentially biggest megawinners I’ve uncovered in my career.

They are destined to skyrocket according to the Power Law.

But there’s not much time to act...

Stockflation is about to hit its next peak as another $12.2 trillion in cash is expected to be plowed into the markets in the months to come.

We’re in a “there is no alternative” market... and all this cash is destined to surge into stocks.

That’s why it’s crucial you position yourself correctly today.

And the three megawinners picks I want to share with you today are the absolutely best way to take advantage of this urgent opportunity.

I’ll tell you how to get in on these revolutionary companies in a moment.

But first, I want to show you how the third secret to finding Power Law stocks lets you rake in triple-digit gains often within a few months.

Other People’s Mistakes Making You Rich?

If you understand this last ”Power” element, you can make a killing in any market.

It’s why investors in Comcast made 1,454% gains...


Why Amazon could’ve delivered you a 151,297% return...


Or why Bitcoin soared by an incredible 14,511%.


I call it the Power of Misunderstanding.

And it occurs when the mainstream media and investors fundamentally don’t understand an investment’s potential...

They don’t see how its part of a much larger disruption.

As a result, the price of such investments remains much lower than what they’re really worth... leaving plenty of room to shoot up.

Take the internet...

In 1998, Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman predicted...

By 2005... it will become clear that the Internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine

Of course, Krugman was spectacularly wrong...

And those who understood the internet’s potential had the chance to get in on Comcast when shares traded as low as $3.70...

Turning every $5,000 into $77,700 in the long run.

Or consider this Newsweek article.

It came out one year after Amazon was founded and predicted online shopping would never get off the ground...

Commerce will shift from malls to networks and modems... Baloney... The network is missing a most essential ingredient of capitalism: salespeople.

This common misunderstanding kept Amazon’s shares as low as $2.29...

Giving early investors the opportunity to turn just $1,000 into an astonishing $1,513,970.

And then there’s Bitcoin...

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in 2015, “Bitcoin will not survive.”

The widespread misunderstanding of cryptocurrency kept Bitcoin at just $419...

Had you gotten in at that time, you’d have made 14,511% on your money... enough to turn every $5,000 into $730,595.

Just recently, the extreme of misunderstanding let us get in on gene editing pioneer Invitae for just $16.21... making us peak gains of 280%...


3D printing innovator ExOne for $7.76... returning 767%...


And Vivint Solar for $5.99... generating 656%.


The Power of Misunderstanding got us in extraordinarily cheap and made us triple-digit returns... fast!

All these wins were made in less than 12 months.

Can you see how critical the three “Power” elements are?

They filter out almost all worthless stocks and let you focus on the remaining few that have the potential to generate real, lasting wealth.

But I doubt you’d heard about ExOne, Vivint, or Trade Desk before I just told you about them.

That’s because most regular investors have no way to get in-depth insight into highly specialized industries such as 3D-printing, solar power, or advertising.

Stocks in industries like these are a mystery to most investors. But they aren’t a mystery to me.

Because my international network of industry experts, company insiders, hedge fund managers, digital money experts, and private equity strategists alert me to little-known disruptive trends months or years before the average investor catches on.

And I want to give you a chance to take advantage of my insight today...

The Power Law Could Make These
Three Stocks Soar... And Give You the Chance
to Become a Millionaire

IF You Act NOW!

That's why I've put together an urgent report I'd like to send to you right now—absolutely FREE! It's called Three Exclusive “Power Law” Stocks for 1,000% Returns.

Special report

Inside I reveal my insider research on three little-known stocks I expect to skyrocket in the months to come. You’ll get the identity of these companies, including ticker symbol.

I’ll explain how exactly they tap into the “Power” elements, making them perfect candidates to become future megawinners that could completely change your financial future.

The first company is at the center of the electric vehicle revolution... It’s my #1 way to profit as electric vehicles take over our roads.

The second one is disrupting the world of big data with powerful software that works like a vacuum... and my research shows it could easily become as huge as Microsoft...

And the third one is a little-known semiconductor specialist I consider to be the most important tech company in the world today... I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard the name of this firm before.

This report gives you all the details on how the three “Power” elements are going to push these companies to astonishing heights, according to my research...

And why it’s vital you get in NOW... before an additional $12.2 TRILLION of cash hits the markets and supercharges the Power Law.

Remember, more than five million new millionaires were minted in 2020 because of this historic excess amount of cash. This time it could be your turn.

And my free report, Three Exclusive “Power Law” Stocks for 1,000% Returns, will put you in the perfect position to take advantage of this historic opportunity.

This could be a replay of Salesforce’s 4,758% rise...


Or Netflix’s incredible 45,419% surge...


And of Amazon’s legendary 151,297% peak gains.


Today, you can jump on the biggest opportunities in electric vehicles, big data, and semiconductors ever and brag, “Yeah, I made my fortune by investing in these disruptors before they were all over the news.

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Take Microsoft. Its Windows operating system, Office suite, and Internet Explorer disrupted the world of PCs.

It delivered peak gains are 113,900%.


Cisco Systems was an early disruptor and pioneer in computer networking. It made early investors over 101,538% richer.


And where would businesses be without Adobe’s PDFs and Photoshop? Its stock soared a whopping 130,376%.

Talk about a one-stock retirement windfall!


A single $5,000 investment in Adobe Systems for instance... and you're banking $6.5 million dollars.

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Of course, I'm not promising you'll walk away with $6.5 million. But huge gains like I've just showed you are common for those select companies following the Power Law.

Now, I want you to know that I can't guarantee results.

But four, five and even six figure gains have happened countless times before in stocks like these...and will happen again.

Because we're living in one of the most disruptive periods in history. And I'm not the only one to say so.

We’re in the most economically disruptive period since the 1880s. - Legendary hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller

Everything about our world is being disrupted, and faster than ever. - Former Disney CEO Bob Iger

Over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted - Marc Andreessen, Netscape Founder

There’s never been a better, easier, or faster way to build your fortune.

Especially with an additional $12.2 trillion about to hit the market in the months to come.

Readers who followed my guidance had the chance to walk away with peak gains of 957% on Trade Desk... 1,354% on Intellia Therapeutics... and 1,746% on Plug Power... just to name a few.

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